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The Barcelona High Performance Training Program offers a serious summer camp for male and female understudy competitors from 6 to 21 years of age. This program is extraordinary and appropriate for genuine competitors. The camp’s mentors are on the whole exceedingly qualified and preparing is devoted to improving the players’ specialized accuracy. It is very football driven and there is brief period for different exercises.





The Barcelona Academy is an expert foundation which has practical experience in preparing capable understudy competitors to satisfy their potential and in the end play in the first or second divisions of Europe’s top alliances. This is a recognized program because of its expert nature and its requesting and escalated program. Overall, 30 of the institute’s understudies every year are offered contracts with first division European groups.

Members will remain in a fantastic living arrangement, arranged just 10 minutes strolling separation from the foundation.

The rooms are quadruples and incorporate a private restroom. Here youngsters from everywhere throughout the world offer a living space, and this assorted variety advances the general understanding on a social dimension notwithstanding games.

Every year, several understudy competitors go to the Barcelona High Performance summer camp. The institute likewise offers comparable yearlong elite preparing programs just as other short concentrated projects.

This program is exceptionally requesting in nature. Competitors invest a large portion of their energy going to various instructional meetings. Preparing begins at 9:00 AM and proceeds until 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM making it appropriate for just the most exceedingly talented, physically fit competitors.




The Barcelona High Performance Academy is additionally committed to ingraining esteems in its understudies.

The camp’s remarkable preparing program is intended to boost the players’ advancement a long ways past the specialized parts of the game. To streamline advance over a brief timeframe, mentors as often as possible separately assess players and bring up their own qualities and shortcomings.

Mentors place competitors in little gatherings dependent on aptitude level so they can set legitimate feasible yet testing objectives for the competitors. How do mentors do this? They challenge the competitors with drills that are somewhat over the present aptitude dimension of the competitors while in the meantime training them through the drills and empowering their exertion.

At this foundation, understudies:

  • Improve fixation
  • Figure out how to settle on insightful choices
  • Increase total specialized information of the diversion
  • Increase consciousness of the development and situating of colleagues and rivals
  • Build up the mood and power of European football

Indeed, this institute is amazingly football driven but on the other hand is committed to training its understudies esteems, for example, penance, hard working attitude, and regard.

The foundation’s main goal is to create savvy football players who, because of their football abilities or potentially the qualities they learned at the institute, have high odds of being fruitful.

Preparing begins at 9:00 AM and proceeds until 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM and is partitioned into two unmistakable sessions:

  • Preparing on the pitch including hypothesis and specialized sessions
  • Vital dialog including video investigation of matches



Excursions and activities

Members go to down to earth and hypothetical instructional meetings until around 7:00 PM consistently. In the wake of preparing, they have room schedule-wise to unwind, mingle, make up for lost time with their families, or appreciate the offices of the habitation.

The program is profoundly football driven and there is brief period for different exercises. Thusly, it is ideal for genuine competitors who need to commit themselves to football expertly.

All things considered, the camp offers some non-football related exercises for members. For instance, understudies 14 years of age and over go to day by day exercises in the pool. In this way, members 14 years of age and over ought to bring washing gear, flip-flops, and a towel.

Members likewise have the chance to visit a couple of destinations and go to certain occasions in the territory to become more acquainted with the city of Barcelona. These journeys include:

  • A visit to the historical center of Barcelona FC
  • Karting
  • Quasar battle
  • A Movie NIGHT at Barcelona’s 3D Cinemax

Accommodation & Facilities


The competitors that take an interest in the camp will be held up at the Ágora home, arranged just 900 meters from the institute.

The rooms are quadruples (two lofts), and have two storage rooms, a restroom, two work areas, racks and work area lights.

The living arrangement has a towel and bed material change administration, just as a housekeeping administration.








This is an advanced habitation, furnished with every one of the solaces of:

  • Free WIFI
  • Greenery enclosures
  • Athletic Courts
  • PC room
  • TV room
  • Housekeeping administration
  • Towel and bed cloth change
  • Candy machines
  • Cafetería
  • Exercise center
  • Cooling



The foundation has a few counterfeit turf fields and one characteristic grass field. It likewise has an exercise center with a pool for any extra preparing outside of what the camp calendar gives. Also, the institute has its own restorative administrations, for example, physiotherapists, physical mentors, nutritionists and sports therapists.

As far as the basic offices and different administrations, the living arrangement has a cafeteria, various examination rooms, an exercise center, a warmed pool, clothing administration, and room cleaning administration.

Clothing Service

The institute offers an every day clothing administration. Competitors should put their preparation garments or road garments in a red pack and turn them in legitimately to the pantry worker. To maintain a strategic distance from any perplexity, it is significant that all attire is stamped.


Breakfast is served in the living arrangement before leaving for the main instructional course of the day. Lunch, bites and supper are held in the institute’s cafeteria.

Whenever exhorted with adequate notice, the camp can adjust to exceptional dietary prerequisites, for example, a vegetarian menu, and without dairy or sans gluten menus. Any solicitations for a Halal or Kosher menu will be given at an extra expense.


Exchange Service

Underneath you will locate the accessible timetable and rates for this administration:

Landings and Departures: somewhere in the range of 9am and 9pm


Barcelona Airport: 50€ (One way only) / 100€ (Return)

Sants Station: 50€ (One way only) / 100€ (Return)

*All exchanges outside of the standard administration calendar will have an extra expense of €50.

*In your statement you will discover the cost for the standard exchange administration. When we can affirm your flight data we will alter the exchange cost as required.


Protection Services

Through a global insurance agency, we offer two unique kinds of protection:

Camp crossing out protection

On the off chance that you need to rest guaranteed that you can recuperate your cash if your tyke is unfit to go to the camp in view of unexpected conditions – our scratch-off protection strategy might hold any importance with you. More data here

Travel protection

We additionally offer a movement protection arrangement that likewise incorporates medicinal help. Subtleties of the full arrangement inclusion can be found here


Ventures to reserve a spot for the camp

  • Stage 1: Make an installment of half of the absolute expense of the program. (On the off chance that you hold after May 31st, you should pay 100% of the expense of the program to save.)
  • Stage 2: Turn in the required reports appropriately finished.

When you have finished stages 1 and 2, we’ll send you an affirmation of your booking.

When you have gotten the affirmation, you can purchase your transportation tickets. In the event that you have saved the exchange administration, make certain to send us an email with respect to the subtleties of your excursion so we can effectively transport you to the camp.

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  • Pricing Name High Technification (6-13 years old) 2 weeks
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    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 1,980.00 /Person

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  • Pricing Name High Technification (6-13 years old) 4 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 3,860.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name High Performance (14 -21 years old) 2 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 2,847.00 /

    - +
  • Pricing Name High Performance (14 -21 years old) 4 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 5,594.00 /

    - +

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