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The superior football foundation in England offers a concentrated preparing program in the mid year for members between 12-19 years of age.

This football day camp is essentially arranged towards players who are searching for genuine advancement in all parts of the game, including physical and mental readiness.

What’s more, members will have the likelihood to contend in well disposed matches with different groups from urban areas close Stamford, where this camp will occur.

There are two choices accessible:

Join football preparing with English classes: notwithstanding preparing, there is the likelihood to take a course comprising of 10 hours out of each week. This is ideal for the individuals who need to improve their English while additionally culminating their football aptitudes.

Take a Sports Leadership course: For local English speakers or those that have an abnormal state of English, there will be an initiative course held as opposed to going to language classes.

The institute is situated in Stamford, a little and beautiful town situated around over two hours from London. The foundation has a living arrangement to oblige its members, found distinctly around a short ways from the preparation offices.



The capability foundation in England has been running for quite a while, training footballers including some who have proceeded to be marked for expert groups all over Europe. The mentors work with players to improve all features of their game, offering an exceptionally complete instructing bundle. What’s more, the camp’s other authority staff screen the players’ advancement and help them in different territories imperative to their improvement, for example, sports nourishment.

A standout amongst the most appealing parts of the capability camp in England is that the program allows members to encounter something like the everyday existence of an expert footballer, including match readiness.

The living arrangement where the players stay is found only 5 minutes from the games offices and the understudies are transported there by the institute’s own transport.

The convenience includes twofold rooms, regular rooms and diversion territories. Screens are close by to watch out for things, guaranteeing that understudies are in every case all around managed.

The foundation arranges short and long haul programs consistently, with a scope of intriguing training choices. Connect with us for more data.













L’académie de haute performance en Angleterre forme depuis plusieurs années des footballeurs ayant obtenu un poste en équipes professionnelles dans toute l’Europe. Les entraîneurs analysent toutes les facettes du jeu pour que les joueurs aient une formation la plus complète possible. D’un autre côté, les professionnels du stage feront un suivi de l’évolution des élèves et les aideront à adopter un régime alimentaire équilibré spécifique aux sportifs.

L’un des aspects les plus attractifs du stage de haute performance en Angleterre est la similitude du programme avec les journées types d’une équipe professionnelle, avec une préparation aux matchs inclue.

La résidence dans laquelle cohabitent les joueurs se trouve à seulement 5 minutes des installations sportives; le trajet se réalise en bus appartenant à l’académie. Le logement dispose d’habitations doubles et de salons pour le repos ou les loisirs. Les élèves seront constamment sous la supervision des moniteurs et entraîneurs, qui se chargeront du bon déroulement de toutes les opérations.

Cette académie organise des programmes de courte et longue durée pendant toute l’année, avec des options éducatives très intéressantes. Pour plus d’information, vous pouvez nous contacter.


Members will have two instructional courses every day from Monday-Friday, including an agreeable match on Friday evening. There is a sum of 20 hours of preparing every week for this camp, and over 5 hours of gatherings or chats on points like nourishment, inspiration, and so forth.

This program is suggested for players with a progressed or abnormal state of football aptitude, that are as of now playing in a group and are additionally searching for expert preparing.

This camp has been planned by the superior institute that capacities throughout the entire year, and is particularly coordinated towards players that have the goal of improving their football aptitudes. This is to state that it isn’t the normal summer program brimming with excitement exercises. It is fundamental that members are acquainted with performing physical action all the time so as to do well during the two every day instructional meetings.

With 10 years of experience preparing youthful players, the institute’s staff knows the requirements of members during the instructional meetings, and they realize how to recognize the qualities of every player just as locate the best techniques to limit their shortcomings. The foundation likewise has authorized UEFA “A” goalkeeper mentors that structure particular sessions for the goalkeepers who go to the camp.




Every member will improve their individual aptitudes, yet the mentors likewise incorporate preparing on group strategies which is significant in the cutting edge game.

Notwithstanding the training, the capability foundation in England additionally composes well disposed matches, at which there will be scouts from expert clubs. The offices utilized by the camp are situated at the Borderville Sports Complex, which is completely prepared for football training.

When all is said in done, the program incorporates different components, for example,

  • Match investigation
  • Execution evaluation
  • Direction from mentors












All together for the camp understanding to be significantly increasingly complete, the institute incorporates two courses in its program, one for members that need to improve their dimension of English, and the other for those that are as of now local speakers or have an abnormal state of English.

Since the courses are given in the meantime, it is just conceivable to choose one.





Choice 1 – English Course

The English classes incorporate two day by day sessions that each most recent 60 minutes. They will happen from Monday-Thursday at the language institute in Stamford. Every understudy will take a situation test the main day, which will be utilized to set up the gatherings for the course. These gatherings are lead by instructors that will consistently assess the advancement of every understudy.

The course gives a reasonable report program to understudies, notwithstanding underlining the more down to earth English that is spoken outside the study hall.

Alternative 2: Sports Leadership Course

Members who are not keen on going to English classes have the chance to take a games administration course educated by pros in the field. So as to partake in this course it is important to have a local or propelled dimension of English to guarantee members can stay aware of the cadence of the classes.

In this 15 hr. every week course, members will find out about the apparatuses should have been an incredible pioneer:

· How to manage and join their group to accomplish better outcomes

· How to convey themselves for instance for their group

· How to form different pioneers

Underneath you will see a case of what an ordinary day would resemble at the superior institute football camp:


07.00 – 08.30 Breakfast at the habitation

08.30 – 09.00 Transport to preparing offices

09.00 – 11.00 Training session

11.30 – 12.30 English/Leadership course

12.30 – 13.00 Transport to habitation

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 14.30 Transport to preparing offices

14.30 – 16.30 Training session

At that point they will make a beeline for the living arrangement

17.00 – 18.00 Dinner

18.00 – 19.00 English/Leadership course

19.00 – 20.00 Snack

20.00 – 22.00 Free time

22.00 – 23.00 Bedtime



The past precedent is the standard calendar pursued from Monday-Thursday. Fridays are utilized for readiness and cooperation in the inviting football match of the week.


Saturday is the day for rest and recuperation, which is fundamental following a serious seven day stretch of preparing.


This day is utilized for a trip for every camp member.




During the camp there will be an entire day journey, which could be the accompanying:

Visit to Wembley Stadium

Visit to Tower Aquatic Theme Park

Trek to London or Cambridge

Visit to a Premier League Club arena



The superior institute in England has a home near the preparation offices and to the English classes. This spot where members share a living space is known as The Garden House, an antique inn from the seventeenth century in the focal point of Stamford. It has 19 twofold lives with private restrooms, just as a couple of fourfold rooms.

All members will have full board for their supper plan, and those with uncommon dietary needs will have a menu offered to satisfy their prerequisites.

Basic Spaces

As far as regular spaces, the home has a lounge area, think about rooms, plants, a game room, a parlor/videogame room and incorporates a day by day cleaning administration. The Garden House has WiFi access all through the office, and is totally checked 24 hours every day by qualified staff who are responsible for helping members with whatever they need.




Preparing Facilities

In 2015, the foundation started utilizing another home office, the Borderville Sport Complex in Stamford, an inside that has an arena with limit with regards to 2,000 observers and other normal grass fields. This complex additionally has an exercise center with cardio machines, opposition machines, useful hardware and a wide range of game classes that members can visit. The institute has therapeutic administrations accessible, for example, physiotherapists, physical mentors, nutritionists, sports analysts just as private medical coverage.




The foundation is situated in Stamford, a quiet and safe town. In actuality, it is one of the most loved spots for English local people to put in a couple of long periods of unwinding far from the quick paced city life.

The most trademark highlight of Stamford is its design. It is a standout amongst the best safeguarded territories in England, and its antique stone structures give the city an extraordinary appeal.

Walking around the boulevards resembles bringing a stumble into the past, explicitly to the Middle Ages. Its valuable medieval setting has been chosen by executives of extraordinary motion pictures like Pride and Prejudice and Da Vinci’s Code, among others.

The airplane terminals nearest to Stamford are:

East Midlands Airport – 1 hr and 15 mins

Birmingham Airport-1 hr and 40 mins

Luton Airport-1 hr and 45 mins

Heathrow Airport-2 hours



Move Service

Beneath you will discover the costs for this administration relying upon the air terminal and landing/flight times:


Heathrow Airport: 200 £ (one way) / £ 400 £ (return)

Stansted Airport: 100 £ (one way) / £ 200 £ (return)

Birmingham Airport: 100 £ (one way) / 200£ (return)

Sunday Arrivals: The planned entry time of flights ought to be between 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

Saturday Departures: The booked takeoff time for flights ought to be between 9:00am – 2:00pm.

* Prices are per individual.

Moves outside of customary administration plan, as stipulated over, the costs per individual and treks are the accompanying:


Heathrow Airport: 300 £ (one way) / 600 £ (return)

Stansted Airport: 250 £ (one way) / 500 £ (return)

Birmingham Airport: 250 (one way) / £ 500£ (return)

Costs for other accessible air terminals


East Midlands Airport: 250 (one way) / £ 500 £ (return)

Luton Airport 250: (one way) / £ 500 £ (return)

Additional items

In the event that the member is going with an unaccompanied minor administration during the flights, the exchange administration given by the camp will have an additional expense of £50.

Protection Services

Through a worldwide insurance agency, we offer two distinct kinds of protection:

Camp wiping out protection

On the off chance that you need to rest guaranteed that you can recuperate your cash if your tyke is unfit to go to the camp due to unexpected conditions – our crossing out protection arrangement might bear some significance with you. More data here

Travel protection

We additionally offer a movement protection arrangement that likewise incorporates medicinal help. Subtleties of the full strategy inclusion can be found here

Ventures to reserve a spot for the camp

  • Stage 1: Make an installment of half of the all out expense of the program. (In the event that you hold after May 31st, you should pay 100% of the expense of the program to save.)
  • Stage 2: Turn in the required records appropriately finished.

When you have finished stages 1 and 2, we’ll send you an affirmation of your booking.

When you have gotten the affirmation, you can purchase your transportation tickets. On the off chance that you have saved the exchange administration, make certain to send us an email with respect to the subtleties of your excursion so we can effectively transport you to the camp.

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