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* Prepare footballers (both outfield players and goalkeepers) to achieve the standard of the European associations and to be joined by a club of the first or second division: Participants will:

  • Make noteworthy upgrades to their individual method and strategies
  • Procure the mood and power of the amusement at high European dimension
  • Figure out how to play with insight and core interest
  • Figure out how to adequately absorb group strategies

* The institute urges the youthful players to get familiar with the significance of scholastic training, significant in empowering them to verify their future after football.






The philosophy of this sports centre puts a significant emphasis on the importance of the players continuing with their academic schooling while they do their sports training and this is why the academy offers a range of training options which can be adapted to the educational requirements of each player. Below are the available options offered by this football academy:

Primary, secondary or Baccalaureate education:

Distance learning from the student’s usual school with support from academy tutors:

  • Spanish school
  • American school
  • Mexican school
  • French school
Language study
  • English
  • Spanish
Intermediate level football coaching: for players over 16 with ESO or equivalent qualification.
Coach Mentor
  • Coaching course comprising 200 hours (100 theory and 100 practical) for students over 16 years of age.
University studies
  • For students from 18 years who have Baccalaureate (or equivalent) and have passed the approved selection test.




Established in 1978 by ex-proficient footballer Francisco Javier Marcet, the foundation is described by its great specialized group just as the accentuation set on the improvement of the youthful footballers as they develop into adulthood.

Javier Marcet, known as “The Maestro”, is an extraordinary mentor and empresario, just as having played in incredible clubs of the gauge of Real Macrid, FC, Barcelona, Espanyol just as the Spanish national group.

Writer of the book “Reexamining Football”, with a degree in financial matters and law this multifaceted sportsman was likewise mentor of the Catalan football squad and an individual from the Board at the Spanish Royal Football Federation.

This capability football foundation has some expertise in choosing and preparing young men and young ladies who, just as having intrinsic football ability, are enthusiastic about their game and have the limit with respect to the penances expected to accomplish their objective of turning into an expert footballer.

For the foundation’s organizers it is exceptionally significant that understudies learn qualities and proceed with their scholastic training so they can end up smart footballers who can have a fruitful future inside or outside football.

Every year, numerous players who have prepared at this foundation are chosen to join different groups in the first or second divisions all through Europe.





Below are some of the ex-alumni who were coached at this academy:





Very few players each year have the privilege to train at this academy. To be accepted, candidates must have a natural talent for football as well as a strong work ethic and a willingness to make sacrifices to reach their goals.

Option 1 – in person: Trials or try-outs

There are three ways to try out for the academy’s full year program in-person:

Option 1: Candidates may participate in one of the various camps that the academy organizes throughout the year. These camps are specifically designed to determine which young athletes have the work ethic and natural talent necessary to participate in the full-year programs.

These camps take place during the summer months, Easter holiday, and Christmas holiday. They receive participants of all ages and levels from all over the world.

  • + All participants at these camps arrive at the same time and are new to the academy (these programs occur during the holidays of the full-year academy students).
  • – At these camps, participants don’t exactly experience life as a full-year academy student. However, camp participants do learn the philosophy, methodology, and get to know the coaches.

Option 2: Intensive program at any time during the year.

Participants attend an intensive and personalized program of at least one week in duration. These participants train with the full-year academy students.

  • + Participants experience the full academy experience and get to know exactly what life would be like as a full-year academy student.
  • + This program is much more personalized than the camp programs since there are fewer participants.
  • – Participants train with a group of players who already know each other and must adapt.

Option 3: Trial/Try-out days.

Players that can’t choose option 1 or 2 can try-out for the full-year program at one of the academy’s trial days.
These trials last for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Candidates travel with their families to the academies to be examined by the coaches. They also attend a personal interview with the academy’s professionals so that parents can clear up any doubts that they might have about the program, get to know the personnel, and get to know the facilities.


Once the potential of each player has been analyzed, the football academy presents a personalized quote for the selected players taking into account the family’s financial situation and their skills as a football player. The best players in the worst financial situations can earn scholarships that allow them to attend the academy at half the usual price.

For more information about dates and prices, you can fill out the enrollment form below or download a PDF about the academy.

Enrolling in a full-year course in a football academy is a great investment in your child’s future. Before spending a large quantity of money, it’s a good idea to be sure that your child has the potential to make a career out of football. Therefore, the most recommendable option is to attend a trial in person so that the academy can analyze your child’s skills and inform you about the best options for him taking into account his skills and future possibilities.

Option 2 – At a distance: Direct access

The most recommendable option to attend a full-year course at the academy is to first attend a trial so coaches can analyze the player’s skills and offer an accurate personalized quote according to both the player’s skills and financial situation.

In the exceptional case that a player cannot attend a trial, the only way for the player to attend the academy would be paying the full price of the program.

In addition to paying the full price, they must also meet some prerequisites regarding their football skills and hand in a series of materials that confirms their quality of play.

Necessary prerequisites for acceptance into the academy
  • Letter of motivation and objectives
  • Sports curriculum
  • Reference letter
  • Video of the player during match play

Need more information?

Download our PDF with more information about the academy: sports programme, education programme, prices, dates etc.




The academy’s most valuable resource is its staff. We have a team of talented professionals who work hard in training and motivating the players to help them achieve their goals.

Carlos Rivero

Rivero has a UEFA Pro license. He was a coach for FC Barcelona where he trained Lionel Messi. He has also coached first division teams in Greece and Argentina. Furthermore, he has ample experience as a professional footballer having played for great clubs like Real Madrid and Boca Juniors.



Franco Sanchírico

Sanchírico has considerable experience as a coach having coached the national Mexican team along with many other first division Mexican teams. He has a UEFA Pro license and a license from the Spanish Football Federation. He also played professionally on various first division Mexican teams like CF América, CF Atalante, and CD Toluca.


Carlos Mendoza

Mendoza is one of the most capable and accomplished coaches at the academy. He has played for Talleres de Córdoba (first division Argentinian team) and also has experiencing coaching great clubs like Real Madrid and Aris Thessalonika (first division Greek team).



R. Rodríguez

Rafael Rodríguez works in the academy’s sports psychology department. He plays a vital role in helping players to learn to make the right decisions and think intelligently about the game as well as supporting their adaptation to life at the academy. It’s important all the students are integrated and happy during their stay.

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