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This elite soccer foundation is situated in the renowned locale of Thonon-les-Bains, surely understood for being just a short ways from the focal point of Geneva. It offers an outstanding summer program for field players and goalkeepers (young men or young ladies) between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age.

Its offices are top quality and its late spring camp accessible from about fourteen days in term incorporates an exceptional preparing program, language classes, recreational exercises and an unparalleled universal condition to learn, appreciate and develop as a person.



What are the goals of this camp?

Superior program went for youngsters who need to commit themselves to soccer later on and need abnormal state preparing to enable them to achieve their objective.

Earlier advance to beginning a more drawn out program in a superior soccer foundation.

Special chance to meet other youthful competitors from everywhere throughout the world while learning dialects, values and getting a charge out of abnormal state soccer.

Ideal for tweaking your dimension of soccer and dialects before searching for a chance to examine and contend at an American college.



The mid year program at this superior foundation offers 25 hours of soccer for every week. These hours are committed to various regions of progress and adapting, for example,

Gathering preparing on the field

Diversion vision

Singular preparing


Damage avoidance preparing

Technique and video investigation

Physical molding

Sports brain research and administration preparing

Explicit preparing program for goalkeepers



Amid the initial couple of long stretches of camp, the dimension of every member is inspected and after that they are gathered by level and age. This makes it conceivable to make gatherings of comparative dimension and age that take into account snappy and productive figuring out how to expand instructional meetings.

Each preparation bunch has a limit of 22 members, with the mentor per-player proportion being 1 mentor for each 11 players.

It is a blended sexual orientation program, implying that young men and young ladies can partake together, yet when in doubt 80% of the members are male, contrasted with 20% of female cooperation.

The instructional courses are led in English in spite of the fact that there are mentors who talk different dialects, for example, French and Spanish. They can once in a while help if an understudy doesn’t comprehend a piece of the session.

In the goalkeeper explicit program, understudies train a piece of the day with the gathering and the other part performing position explicit activities with specific coaches.

The foundation effectively works together with one of the most abnormal amount European clubs, Thonon Evian Grand. This club works with in excess of 1000 players beginning from 8 years of age, and the institute has need for their understudies to get to one of the classes of this group.



The Coaches

The Head Coach at this foundation is Eric Caballero.

Eric is a perceived master mentor of the French Football Federation, known for executing new types of soccer preparing at the most esteemed clubs in France, for example, PSG.

He is one of the pioneers of European youth soccer, likewise known for his renowned books that have been sold everywhere throughout the world.

A fabulous group of experienced mentors authorized by UEFA and the French Football Federation are working with Eric. They are responsible for drawing out the best in every player on and off of the soccer field. They rouse, ingrain qualities and help members to improve with the goal that they become extraordinary soccer players, yet additionally amazing individuals.


Notwithstanding getting ready competitors to contend at the most abnormal amount, this camp is additionally worried about offering a language program that plans members for global open doors that may emerge later on.

To do this, institute incorporates a 5-hour program of language classes every week concentrated on improving relational abilities that encourage the everyday life in the camp, and furthermore to enable members to get ready for one of the official language endorsements.

Classes are held in current study halls that are a piece of the foundation’s very own office.



There are two alternatives accessible to look over, English or French classes.

English Classes

The English classes are offered with the objective of getting ready members to pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

This declaration is required for induction into a college in English-talking nations, which makes it extremely helpful for members who have this goal at the top of the priority list for what’s to come.

French Classes

Members who need to improve their French abilities have the chance to pick classes that will set them up for the DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies), which is the identical to the TOEFL for the French language.











Members are composed into two gatherings dependent on their present dimension (novices or progressed) in view of the aftereffects of an arrangement test given on the principal day of camp.

All educators are local speakers, which is an incredible preferred standpoint for understudies amid the learning procedure.

The camp timetable is intended to benefit as much as possible from the time accessible with members having exercises all for the duration of the day.

In the first part of the day, they rise early and go to their morning instructional course until noon.

At that point they have a touch of rest that will enable them to recuperate the quality important to confront the remainder of the day.

After their merited break, they head to their language classes and afterward proceed with another instructional meeting.

Prior to supper, members have a recuperation session to loosen up their muscles that have buckled down amid the day.

After supper and until sleep time, the camp composes diverse stimulation exercises so the children have an extraordinary time and become more acquainted with one another better. This is significant in making obligations of fellowship and create a decent climate that is later thought about the preparation field and furthermore improve the general camp understanding.

Beneath you will locate an estimated calendar that members will pursue amid an ordinary day at camp:

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Training session 1

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Break for rest

15:00 Language classes

16:00 Training session 2

18:00 Recovery session

19:00 Dinner

22:00 Bedtime

20:00 Entertainment exercises









Amid their spare time, members can exploit what the offices bring to the table, for example,

Computer game room

Foosball tables

Ping pong tables

Study rooms

Television room, and so on.


The members will have outings every week to appreciate various exercises, for example,






This expert elite football foundation is situated in A french area yet just a short ways from the focal point of Geneva. It is a very traveler cordial area, known worldwide for its Evian-Les-Bains Spa.

In spite of being situated in the French Alps, the closest air terminal to achieve the institute is Geneva International Airport.

Its offices are present day and five star. The awesome spot where the institute is found gives a sheltered and calm condition for youngsters, ideal for concentrating 100% on soccer.



Preparing Facilities

This soccer camp has great games offices, including in excess of 6 soccer fields with common and fake turf.

It likewise has a rec center outfitted with various cardio and quality regions, just as a territory concentrated on recuperation that incorporates a spa.


Regarding convenience, this elite football institute gives its understudies completely prepared twofold rooms that have private restrooms.

All rooms have fast Wi-Fi association and a clothing administration (offered two times every week), day by day room cleaning administration and a week by week wash of bed covers and towels.

The living arrangement is directed 24 hours per day by staff individuals who talk a few dialects.


Something that makes this camp emerge is its brilliant nourishment administration that offers a natural menu impeccably arranged by the wholesome needs of youthful competitors.

At whatever point conceivable, they utilize natural neighborhood items to make solid and adjusted dishes customary of French gastronomy. The foundation has dishes versatile for vegans or the individuals who have any narrow mindedness to gluten or lactose. It is additionally conceivable to adjust to a Halal menu at whatever point required whenever advised well ahead of time.










Basic territories

The camp likewise has an assortment of basic zones that members can use amid their extra time, for example,


Ping-pong tables

Digital TV


Parlor territories

Study room

Greenery enclosures

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  • Pricing Name High Performance Academy France 2 weeks
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    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 3,200.00 /Person

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  • Pricing Name High Performance Academy France 3 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 4,300.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name High Performance Academy France 4 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 5,400.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name High Performance Academy France 5 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 6,500.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name High Performance Academy France 6 weeks
    1Pax - No size limit

    Adult ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) 7,600.00 /Person

    - +

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Exchange Service

An exchange administration is accessible for flights to Geneva International Airport.


Ginebra Airport: 25$ One way only – 50$ Round trip

The exchange administration is accessible for the accompanying timetable:

Landings on Sunday from 4:00pm-9:00pm

Takeoffs on Sunday from 8:00am-12:00pm


Protection Services

Through a global insurance agency, we offer two distinct sorts of protection:

Camp retraction protection

In the event that you need to rest guaranteed that you can recoup your cash if your youngster is unfit to go to the camp due to unexpected conditions – our crossing out protection strategy might hold any importance with you. More data here

Travel protection

We likewise offer a movement protection arrangement that additionally incorporates therapeutic help. Subtleties of the full arrangement inclusion can be found here


Ventures to reserve a spot for the camp

  • Stage 1: Make an installment of half of the all out expense of the program. (On the off chance that you hold after May 31st, you should pay 100% of the expense of the program to save.)
  • Stage 2: Turn in the required reports properly finished.

When you have finished stages 1 and 2, we’ll send you an affirmation of your booking.

When you have gotten the affirmation, you can purchase your transportation tickets. In the event that you have saved the exchange administration, make sure to send us an email in regards to the subtleties of your trek so we can effectively transport you to the camp.