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The PSG Soccer Camp is a fourteen day soccer instructing program intended for young ladies and young men between the ages of 13 and 17. The camp happens in Paris amid the late spring months and offers day by day specialized preparing, language classes and a multi-action program to guarantee that the understudies have an extraordinary time amid their remain.



The PSG soccer camp is held at the magnificent offices of the CREPS elite instructional hub and guided by expert mentors from Paris Saint-Germain football club. The camp not just undertakings to improve the specialized capacity and general footballing aptitudes of the youngsters, yet in addition to show them the significant estimations of the game. A definitive objective is to furnish all members with an absolutely one of a kind encounter that will assist them with developing as individuals just as players.

What’s more, understudies can likewise incorporate language preparing as a component of their program. In the event that this alternative is chosen, the kids will go to 60 minutes in length English or French class each day amid their remain.

Regardless of whether the language classes are not chosen, the universal condition of the camp gives the ideal condition to the youngsters to rehearse their language abilities with different understudies from all around the globe. The camp invites offspring of every single diverse nationality and societies who share an energy for the wonderful amusement.

The further empower the youngsters to blend and make new companions, the camp likewise offers a scope of fun and intriguing outings and recreation exercises from the football field.

All through their remain, the youngsters will live, train and have some good times in a sheltered and secure condition. Every one of the exercises occur inside the grounds and members possibly need to leave the scene while going out on outings.


The Paris Saint-Germain specialized football preparing program is appropriate for young men and young ladies with rudimentary or transitional football aptitudes. The course incorporates as long as four hours of soccer preparing every day among Monday and Friday. All instructional meetings are conveyed by expert mentors from Paris Saint-Germain football club.

For every session, the members are partitioned into gatherings with a limit of 20 understudies for each gathering.



The PSG soccer camp offers a shifted and fun experience that is goes a long ways past a standard football camp. Amid the second seven day stretch of their remain, the understudies partake in a multi-movement program which incorporates a wide scope of interests including:

  • Swimming
  • Ice skating
  • Golf
  • Climbing with mutts
  • Boating
  • Angling
  • Shake climbing,
  • Visits to an experience park
  • Amusements
  • Slope strolling

The Head Coach at PSG is accountable for sorting out the physical and specialized instructional courses in which the youngsters take an interest. The preparation happens on counterfeit turf fields in the CREPS superior focus in Paris only 15 minutes from the camp home.

The understudies participate in as long as four hours of day by day training, in which they will improve their specialized football aptitudes and find out about strategic techniques.

Each instructing session comes full circle in a football coordinate in which the understudies can try all the new aptitudes they have learned.

To guarantee that the understudies are presented to superb preparing, the sessions are directed by mentors from PSG’s very own preparation foundation. Their errand is to enable the youngsters to gain proficiency with the specialized abilities important to create as football players, and to become familiar with the estimations of resistance and regard that are required to work successfully as a group.

Before the preparation starts, every understudy takes a short physical and specialized test with the goal that their advancement amid their stay at the camp can be surveyed. Toward the finish of the camp, understudies get a report of their advancement at the end service.

Also, as a gift of their experience, every understudy will get a preparation pack from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy. The unit incorporates:

  • Tracksuit
  • 2 x sets of shorts
  • 2 x two shirts
  • 2 x sets of socks
  • Knapsack


Understudies that pick the language choice will go to either English or French classes every morning before preparing. This program comprises of a concentrated language course highlighting an hour of concentrate every day.












For the dialects exercises, the understudies are isolated into gatherings of close to eight understudies for every class. The classes are organized into novice, middle of the road or propelled classifications as per the present dimension of the kids.

The classes are arranged in a manner that empowers the understudies to have a ton of fun while they learn, and the educators utilize an extraordinary assortment of instructing strategies including theater, pretend and intelligent whiteboards.


We isolate understudies into gatherings of close to eight understudies for each class, contingent upon their language level (novice, middle of the road or progressed).

These classes are arranged with the goal that understudies have some good times while they learn and educators utilize an incredible assortment of showing techniques, for example, theater, pretends and utilization of intuitive whiteboards and so forth.


The youths who go to the PSG Soccer Camp will scarcely get time to feel exhausted as the program includes enough exercises to fill their whole day. In the mornings, those that have selected to become familiar with a language will go to English or French classes. Afterward, after a brief break, they will participate in football instructional courses on account of expert mentors from PSG.



The soccer instructing is trailed by a multi-movement program that incorporates a wide scope of exercises including swimming, ice skating, golf, climbing, boating, angling, shake climbing and significantly more.










The PSG summer camp likewise incorporates inventive exercises, for example, theater, workmanship and artworks, drawing, painting and film making. These interests occur in the evenings and nighttimes, while the ends of the week are saved for trips or parental visits.

On the most recent day of the camp, there is a unique goodbye occasion, comprising of a theater act which can likewise be gone to by the guardians. This is trailed by a disco where youngsters can round off their stay by moving, getting a charge out of non-mixed beverages and associating with their new companions.

The camp starts on a Sunday and finishes on a Saturday. Amid the week, members eat and after that go to the language classes (discretionary). Two times every week there is likewise be a session on muscle conditioning works out.

After language class, understudies will go to their football instructional meeting until noon, after which they will have 90 minutes to unwind before the evening instructional course starts. When preparing is over throughout the afternoon, they can appreciate some increasingly available time before supper is served. After the night dinner, the camp’s stimulation staff will sort out an assortment of fun exercises for the youngsters to engage them until it’s a great opportunity to hit the sack.

On the principal Monday, the camp holds an opening service before the preparation formally starts. On the last day, an end function is held at which the understudies will get their advancement reports and recognitions, and say goodbye to their coaches before returning home the following day.


The weekend journeys are affirmed on the primary day of the camp and may include:

A visit to the Parc des Princes arena

A visit to the Stade de France

An instructional meeting at the Paris Saint-Germain Football Academy

Just as these trips, the youngsters will likewise get the chance to visit the most celebrated sights of Paris and appreciate an entire day’s exposing at Disneyland Paris.


Understudies at the PSG soccer camp are obliged in the living arrangement lobbies of the esteemed CREPS scholastic organization in Paris. This awesome office offers every one of the components expected to give an agreeable remain.











Members live in the CREPS IDF superior focus where they appreciate fabulous offices. Every single camp action, including language classes, happen in this middle which makes a protected domain for members. Instructional courses happen only a little ways from the habitation and takes an interest are securely transported day by day by a private transport.

The rooms at the living arrangement are twofold rooms. Each room has its own private washroom and are straightforward however agreeable.

The careful location of the camp is 1 mourn du Docteur le Savoureux, 92290 Châtenay-Malabry.

The offices are tremendous with magnificent games offices and convenience and normal utilization of:

Regular rooms:

2 PC rooms

2 gathering rooms

25 meeting rooms total with mixed media innovation

1 assembly hall

Elite games offices:

Sports offices secured and outdoors

Fields: hockey, shoreline volleyball, tennis, toxophilism, green

Multisport complex: karate, boxing, volleyball, handball, badminton, b-ball, wellness

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Exchange Service

There is a free exchange administration accessible from Orly and Charles de Gaulle air terminals.

Entries will be:

Sundays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Flight will be:

Fridays: from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturdays: from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Protection Services

Through a universal insurance agency, we offer two distinct kinds of protection:

Camp wiping out protection

On the off chance that you need to rest guaranteed that you can recuperate your cash if your youngster is unfit to go to the camp on account of unexpected conditions – our crossing out protection strategy might hold any importance with you. More data here

Travel protection

We likewise offer a movement protection arrangement that additionally incorporates therapeutic help. Subtleties of the full approach inclusion can be found here


Ventures to reserve a spot for the camp

  • Stage 1: Make an installment of half of the all out expense of the program. (In the event that you save after May 31st, you should pay 100% of the expense of the program to hold.)
  • Stage 2: Turn in the required records appropriately finished.

When you have finished stages 1 and 2, we’ll send you an affirmation of your booking.

When you have gotten the affirmation, you can purchase your transportation tickets. In the event that you have saved the exchange administration, make sure to send us an email in regards to the subtleties of your trek so we can effectively transport you to the camp.

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